Wendover Productions Fumbled With a One-Sided Hit Piece Video $TSLA

Wendover Productions wants to have the commenters attack them for making and publishing a one-sided hit-piece video.

Wendover says:
One note: this video is going to get a lot of negative response, and we’ve made it with full knowledge of that. In fact, #TSLA investors pre-planned their brigading strategy for this video on Reddit, having seen it yesterday on Nebula, so take the comments with a grain of salt. 
A couple of things I’d like to highlight:
– This video is titled “How Tesla Fumbled.” It’s not “The State of Tesla in 2023.” This video is specifically focused on the ways that Tesla squandered its lead, so it inherently omits the positives—that’s the video we decided to make.
– The thesis of this video is not that Tesla will fail, but rather that Tesla made some missteps that squandered the massive lead it built for itself, and that it’s therefore going to be more difficult for the company to maintain a dominant market position (but not necessarily impossible.)
– This video has no undisclosed funding sources. Wren is the only sponsor on this video. I am not currently a Tesla shareholder, not do I hold any options on the stock.

GM is offering Bolt EV customers $6000 rebates but only if they agree not to sue GM over the battery fire recall. It already cost GM $11000-12000 per Chevy Bolt EV to fix and replace the batteries. Hyundai recalled all Kona’s. LG had to compensate GM about $2 billion.

3 thoughts on “Wendover Productions Fumbled With a One-Sided Hit Piece Video $TSLA”

  1. Tesla no longer has a monopoly on EVs. There are number of companies e.g. BYD, MG, that are offering very nice cars with good range and a much cheaper price.

  2. Whoosh!

    The point of the video was not that other car makers didn’t make missteps (the biggest misstep being waiting until 2020 to start mass EV production when the technology was around 20 years earlier, and missing out on potentially 2 decades of R&D), but rather that Tesla had a huge lead but let others catch up through a few rookie mistakes.

    • I seem to remember that the purpose of Tesla was to force the car industry to transition to electric. So is Tesla making rookie mistakes, or is Tesla forcing other companies to provide competitive products? Note that if Tesla weren’t burning billions in FSD and Optimus, they might have made just a really cheap EV and undercut everyone else. That’s not in the Master Plan however.

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