Excess Death Problem is as Big as Global Smoking Deaths

Worldwide global smoking causes 7 million deaths per year but in the last two years the world has experienced 15-25 million non-covid excess deaths.

The graph above shows the spike in global deaths. This count is not in doubt. The world went from 56 million deaths per year up to 67 million deaths per year. The official COVID death count for all years of the pandemic is under 7 million. The prior spike in global deaths around 1960 was China’s famine that killed an extra 30 million people.

On average, smokers die 10 years earlier than nonsmokers. Smoking causes cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung diseases, diabetes, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Smoking also increases risk for tuberculosis, certain eye diseases, and problems of the immune system, including rheumatoid arthritis. Quitting smoking before the age of 40 reduces the risk of dying from smoking-related disease by about 90%. Smoking takes decades to kill smokers.

There is a preprint report that statistically shows correlation with non-covid excess deaths and higher vaccination rates in 2021. The global excess deaths problem IF it continues would be an ongoing extra 5-10 million deaths per year. IF the global excess deaths stabilizes at current levels then it would still be a few million higher. Hopefully, it will continue to trend down and it will return to the pre-pandemic trend lines over the next two years. The world should not be at 67 million deaths per year until after 2033 (increasing avg age population). If excess deaths hung around at an extra 3 million deaths per year it would be the fourth global biggest cause of death in 2019. Whatever the cause, it is important that we investigate and understand it, stop it from continuing and prevent it in the future.

The pandemic killed more old and people in poor health. There should have been a drop in deaths as expected future deaths were brought forward.

Lockdowns, less exercise and other effects impacts health but should not have caused deaths to spike that fast. The trend line of deaths would increase but would not spike and certainly not spike to the level seen. Insufficient physical activity is the 4th leading global risk factor for mortality. Approximately 3.2 million deaths and 32.1 million DALYs (representing about 2.1% of global DALYs) each year are attributable to insufficient physical activity. People who are insufficiently physically active have a 20% to 30% increased risk of all-cause mortality compared to those who engage in at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity most days of the week. Like smoking this unhealthy lifestyle takes time to build its effect to show up in death statistics.

Globally suicide causes about 800,000 deaths each year. The recent increase in suicides is about 10 %. This is 80,000. This is about 1% of the excess death problem. According to the new US data, suicide deaths in the United States increased from 45,979 to 48,183 (4.79%)

Increases in Fentanyl overdoses and suicide were about 30,000 extra deaths per year. Suicide increased 2000 deaths per year. The US had 300,000+ non-covid excess deaths in 2022 and continues to have 10k-30k excess deaths each month. This is about 100k-300k each year.

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  1. The rate of increasing world population is decreasing clearly. So the 8 billions humans are getting older and thus the rate of death will increases up to that corresponding to a stable population around 10 billion living around 80 years i.e. 10 billions divided by 80 equal to 125 million deaths each years. Thus these deaths are not excess, but only humans being older in a less young population that will become stable, many years after chineses. For a stable 8 billions population the number of death is around 100 millions each year and the actual value 60 to 67 millions is simply that many humans on earth are quite young nearly new borns in a fast increasing population with a rate going slowler and with an increasing life expectancy from 50 to 80 years.

  2. The piece just try to drown the “inexplicable excess deaths” under a ton of theories just to hide the real one in the crowd.

    Why not “climate change”? Racism? Putin?

    I, somewhere, read a list of 200+ “reasons” for sudden deaths: “too much exercises”, “too many eggs”, “too much sex”, etc.

  3. All is going according to the Medical Medium predictions. Covid wrecks havoc on People immune system which causes additional deaths, so does vaccination. The world is becoming more hostile to life and especially human live. More bad virus variants that science knows nothing about are created in the lab and due to increase human interaction with strangers in public places. The environment is getting filled with more toxins and heavy metals that enter our body, the share of process food in human diet is increasing on the expense of fresh food, and one important ingredient in the Medical Medium understanding, we have less and less access to the very important microbes that we need in our system that we can get only from unwashed fresh food grown personally or at least locally without chemicals. Without these microbes our body does not create the B12 that it can use. The future looks dimmer and dimmer for our physical survival and we don’t even understand the real meaning of it.

  4. A lot of the excess deaths are no doubt undercounted COVID-19 deaths or deaths from other causes that had COVID-19 as a contributing factor.

    However, the daily excess deaths chart is quite startling. There are clear, large increases in excess deaths at times that correspond to the widespread distribution of vaccines — April/May 2021, Fall 2021 and January 2022.

    What is the source for that chart?

  5. If I was paranoid and seeing the anomalies in media reporting of vaccine skepticism and gain-of-function research in Wuhan, I’d be definitely thinking it’s a conspiracy.

    One due to either the Club of Rome/degrowth cabal finally acting against overpopulation, or made to cull the elder populations, problematic in several fronts and not only for retirements.

    But it’s not, right guys? right?

    • But it is not the older population that is mostly affected by excess deaths.
      I watched a U tube released a few days ago where an Israeli study claims that the people who had covid and survived are less affected by excess deaths but only the vaccinated. I doubt we will find many studies like that because hardly any of the institutes – scientists are not somehow in cahoots with drug manufacturers.

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