State of NASA in 2023 is Mainly Moon Plans and Better Aviation

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson delivers the State of NASA address for 2023. Learn about NASA plans to explore the Moon and Mars, monitor and protect the planet, sustain U.S. leadership in aviation and aerospace innovation, drive economic growth and promote equity and diversity within the agency and across the nation, while inspiring the next generation of explorers for the benefit of humanity.

2 thoughts on “State of NASA in 2023 is Mainly Moon Plans and Better Aviation”

  1. NASA priorities align with climate crisis and planetary defense needed solutions:
    1. Space propulsion technology (good for asteroid interventions) and Moon development towards industrialization and eventual space based power and climate cooling geoengineering (compensating for unintentional bad geoengineering)
    2. Solving very challenging zero emissions aviation.

  2. Cool. And it’s nice to see that NASA again has some vision.

    Which recalls me that Artemis is helping fund fuel depot and crew Starship, while at the same time, exists thanks to it in a funny self-referential cycle.

    Because if it were for the other Artemis proposals, it would be just another Power Point project.

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