Switzerland Backing Credit Suisse Liquidity

Credit Suisse is about four times bigger than Silicon Valley Bank by some financial measures. It is one of the 33 largest banks in the world.

It is at risk and the Saudi National Bank is limiting its ownership to just under 10%.

1 thought on “Switzerland Backing Credit Suisse Liquidity”

  1. Credit Suisse, manages around $1.47 trillion worth of assets. $1.47 trillion is par value. Thirty year government bonds with negative interest rates are worth how much in a panic sale? Credit Suisse should pay the buyer to take ownership of the loss.

    Oddly enough many are buying US Treasury bonds in a panic flight to safety. US Treasury bonds face the same losses. US banks own those losses. I certainly never bought a US Treasury bond paying 2% interest when I knew inflation was far higher than 2%. Even today US Treasury bonds pay 5% while the government admitted to 8.9% inflation and the truth is far higher. US Treasury bonds are a scam. Only a banker would buy one.

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