Tesla Investor Day is Live $TSLA

Elon Musk and Drew Baglino is saying that energy storage is the key to Master Plan 3. Nextbigfuture analysis had indicated that Megapack, Semi and Cybertruck were critical and the heart of Master Plan 3.

The Electrified economy will use half of the overall power and less mining than the current economy.

Elon talks about heat pumps but they are still not committing to make them.

Nickel is the trickiest needed element but only 30% of known reserves are needed. The nickel is only needed for some high performance vehicles like planes.

The next power train will cost $1000. If batteries are at $45/kwh @ 40-50kwh that is only $3000 for the complete power system and batteries.

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  1. So – no announcements regarding SD taxi service trials, avoided saying anything much about the implications for Tesla of Chinese-US tensions or the chip ban – for which they’d better have a plan, based on how geopolitics is moving.

    They gave a clear impression that they’d use iron instead of nickel batteries in the next generation cars. Graphics showed a draped vehicle that was almost certainly a commercial van, in addition to a compact car.

    Solid progress toward manufacturing tech and facility for dry cathode tech they got from Maxwell – maybe actually used in batteries this year. Also a facility for lithium refining in Corpus Christi is under construction.

    A cute but clearly staged Optimus video demo’d the second generation robot unplugging a wire connector, picking up a robot arm, walking (shuffling slowly, implying the leg motors may not be fast enough to handle a faster gait), using a cordless screwdriver (but with an assistive device to line it up properly), picking up a bolt. Unclear how much of that involved explicit coding, versus ability to follow a general directive like “unplug the wire” or “pick up the robot arm” – the sort of thing one hopes they’re working on.

    Lots of self-promotion of their progress, which to be fair seemed impressive.

  2. I missed the first part of Investor Day due to work. Did anyone give estimations on the new Gen 3 platform models? Where things are and when the first vehicles will be arriving, at least as a goal? Has the Mexico Tesla Megafactory been finalized?

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