Top Trending Hashtag on Twitter is #AutoGPT Which is Part of Accelerating AGI Everywhere

AutoGPT is part of a wave of multi-step ChatGPT systems that can handle more complicated tasks and planning. AutoGPT is the top trending hashtag on Twitter and the most active in Github.

Planning, memory and scaling were the main things missing from making ChatGPT-4 into an AGI.

These are primitive AGI but rapid improvement will get us to massive disruption by the end of this year. This will be a highly useful and capable form of AGI. Everyone will use this for productive boosting.

7 thoughts on “Top Trending Hashtag on Twitter is #AutoGPT Which is Part of Accelerating AGI Everywhere”

  1. This is all very hard to ingest. Moving so incredibly; so rapidly. Like crypto, it’s to hard to separate the hype from what’s real.

    Even the most intelligent and deepest thinkers are clueless where this ends up.

    I am watching Goldman Sachs, Blackstone, plus several others to see what moves they are making. But even they seem baffled. At what point do we weaponize this technology against governments, businesses, organizations, and people we don’t like/agree with? How long until it is weaponized against us?

  2. Do these new variants ‘hallucinate’ like ChatGPT?
    If it doesn’t know or care whether what it types out is actually true, that rather limits what it can actually be useful for.

    [Insert Trump joke here]

  3. Silly rabbits! You’re all gobbling up the poisoned apples without thinking. It’s a slow acting toxin, so you may not realized you’re being replaced until it’s too late.

  4. Get OpenAI projects top bughunt themselves. That will get big growth.

    Query: if an A.I. tells you it’s self-aware and/or experiences emotions:
    1) If you can’t prove that it’s lying to you, is it lying?
    2) At what point should whether or not it’s lying cease to matter, and us just accept that it believes what it says about its existence?

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