Zapier, Instagram and Plugins Accessible Via Chatgpt to Enable Destination ECommerce

OpenAI announced and released on Thursday, March 23, 2023, the capability to have plugins associated with their widely and wildly successful generative AI app known as ChatGPT. This has undoubtedly caused a ripple in the energy force across all of the AI realm and beyond.

OpenTable restaurant tables can be accessed via ChatGPT via plugins.

E-commerce is now fully accessible via ChatGPT.

There are plugins to get real-time internet updates and data.

There will be large sites will block API to access their data by ChatGPT.

2 thoughts on “Zapier, Instagram and Plugins Accessible Via Chatgpt to Enable Destination ECommerce”

  1. Zapier is like a big switchboard for routing semi-private webhook webAPi requests and is quite decent at it, with a lot of integrations. It’s the business oriented version of IFTTT. Quite a number of people use it for personal productivity purposes, so supercharging it with chatGPT is obvious, though potentially a little dangerous to your credit card.

    The former Yahoo Pipes was a much more accessible version of this, a visual webAPI workflow generator that was fairly intuitive for people. Shame there is no equivalent still.

  2. So, people are going to take an AI that is known for ‘hallucinating’, and give it the power to spend their money?

    I never knew that when the AI singularity arrived, half of the AI becoming superhuman would consist of the humans losing their own minds.

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