Another Video of a Levitating Flake of LK-99 Room Temperature Superconductor from China

Another levitating flake of LK-99 superconductor from China.

8 thoughts on “Another Video of a Levitating Flake of LK-99 Room Temperature Superconductor from China”

  1. Yep, it some wierd magamntic behavior, could great in that field, but not superconductivity based on all tests

  2. High resistivity? Compared to other superconductors or how much in relation to semi conductors?

    Perhaps it is purity, perhaps they need to modify the procedure with different ratios,…

    I bet a lot of people will be working almost without sleep to do it and things will clear out faster that way. Good that they published it. They are close, one lab alone would take too long. It is far from perfect, but there are good signs.

  3. Dare I say it doesn’t look like levitation – it looks like the sample is interacting with the magnetic field – aligning a certain axis to the field.

    Still finger’s crossed; the high resistance could be a peculiar anisotropy.

    Regardless, it doesn’t contain iron or any other ferromagnetic material we know of, and it is moving in the B field. Still much to learn here.

  4. May be that the sample has purity issues. The pure parts cause levitation because they lift the impure parts but the impurity causes resistance because there is no pure path from end to end.

    Easier to levitate than it is to conduct electricity.

  5. One commentator has speculated that the structure may be superconductive in x-y plane, but resistive in z direction.

    That would allow this combination of results in a polycrystaline lab sample.

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