Gamechanging Tesla FSD 12.4 Has Started a Few Weeks of Rollout

Tesla FSD 12.4 is now rolling out to employees with an all new attention monitoring system. The camera attention monitoring systems means Tesla has removed the steering wheel nag. The driver will not need to keep touching the steering wheel.

The new FSD update is version 2024.9.5, which is likely based on the earlier 2024.8 branch and not Tesla’s latest 2024.14. The spring update (2024.14) brings various new features such as a new media player, a new parked visualization, Audible support, and a Preview of Sentry Mode events, among others.

Tesla will still use the steering wheel to detect attentiveness when the cabin camera is inconclusive.

The car can only rely on the vehicle’s cabin camera, and therefore remove the steering wheel nag under certain conditions:

* the camera is not occluded

* there is sufficient lighting

* the driver is looking forward

* the driver is not wearing sunglasses

* the driver is not wearing a low-brim hat or another object that covers their eyes

If any of these situations occur, or if the vehicle doesn’t have a cabin camera, then the vehicle will continue to use the steering wheel to determine driver attention.

Updated Strike System

With FSD v12.4, Tesla has also updated its Autopilot Suspension feature which is designed to enforce the responsible use of FSD.

The current system lets the driver receive up to five strikes (three strikes for vehicles without a cabin camera) before Autopilot and FSD become unavailable. If that happens, then FSD is unavailable for one week. Strikes are only removed once the driver has accrued five strikes, or when Tesla wipes out strikes for everyone, which happens about twice a year.

Tesla states that one strike will be removed for each 7-day period the driver goes without receiving a strike. So if FSD gets disabled due to strikes, the driver will still go one week without FSD, although now strikes are removed on an ongoing basis. This new strike system is expected to apply to vehicles with and without a cabin camera.

More Comfort and Much Fewer Interventions

There is improved driver comfort by reducing the amount of hard braking, automatically seeking a parking spot when arriving at a destination and more. Driver interventions are also expected to be drastically reduced with Musk stating that Tesla expects to see a 5-10x improvement in interventions.

9 thoughts on “Gamechanging Tesla FSD 12.4 Has Started a Few Weeks of Rollout”

  1. I have tried to accept that all these driving features are helpful but have yet to each that conclusion. When I am driving with all this stuff, I mostly am expecting it to do something I don’t want, such as stop a lane change I start. Other cars in this mode are passively responding and have no ability to help traffic along, maybe by allowing a merge, for example. This is not relaxing and means I have to anticipate taking control quickly and responding. I don’t see this as a solution to my driving needs but rather more stress I don’t need

    • I am a Tesla owner and believe fully in the long term value of automated driving and FSD, when complete. During this transition period I choose not to use it. I am an older non regular driver and feel a need to keep up my driving skills rather than FSD oversight skills. I would prefer to leave that to the far more skilled drivers out there for FSD to learn from. I will at some point in perhaps 10 years be very happy to hand over to FSD to allow for my continued independence. Statistics about FSD safety are malleable and somewhat opaque as comparisons of accidents with and without invariably do not clarify exact details.
      Is FSD currently used ‘primarily’ by wealthy careful new car owners driving in dense LA commuter traffic on the 405 at low speed vs the same without FSD? Alternatively are we comparing it to everyone else with cars of all ages on all roads at all speeds. There is a lot of room for adjusting the safety statistics by selecting the parameters here which makes them suspect at best.

  2. Too bad Musk is throwing a tantrum over not owning enough of the company.

    If he doesn’t get his $50B payout, he’s going to take his AI/AV toys and go play somewhere else. $TSLA will be a wildly overvalued producer of ok EVs.

    • Elon would probably want a new package along the lines of another 10x and 25% of the voting power. This cannot pass if Tesla is incorporated in Delaware, where an activist judge can overrule any deal after the fact.

      And if the stock owners no longer wants to give him his agreed upon pay, the the likelihood of granting him this future deal is very low.

      So both aspects of the upcoming vote are strategically important to Elon Musk.

    • Why do you have a problem with Elon taking what he is owed? He has worked without pay and he 10xed the market cap of Tesla. That was the condition which rewarded him with a $55 billion payout. He did that and Delaware is trying to block his very legal payment. When he made the deal, critics laughed, saying he would never 10x the mc of the company. He does and a judge tries to block it and uninformed people like yourself talk trash. Smh

    • I am curious on how he could take technologies developed by the company to start a new company. Tesla would own all the patents, not Elon.

      • You don’t have to take the patents or prototypes.. Elon simply walks out and so does all the top engineers. The set up shop and in 2 years they have exclipsed Tesla by far. Because whoever is in charge at Tesla is a car guy that has no vision about neither robotics nor AI…

      • If Elon does an AI startup he will make 10’s of billions of dollars in capital gains within a few years via his talent-and-capital-magnetism that he won’t get if he stays with Tesla. This is a bidding war.

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