Holy Crap, Teslabots Can Accelerate AI progress

Teslabots are humanoid robots that Tesla has started using in factories this year and will start selling in large numbers next year. Replacing human labor is a $30 trillion opportunity. But If Teslabots can speed up AI progress that could be an even bigger unlimited opportunity. We could be two generations faster to AGI and the Singularity. Would you want GPT 7 instead of GPT5 next year?

Brian Wang speaks with humanoid bot and AI expert Dr John Gibb. John has started his own humanoid bot company and has his own youtube channel Dr Know it all.

John Gibbs specializes in 3D Computer Modeling and Animation, Artificial Intelligence and the Creative Arts, Sound & Media design, and Modern Drama at the University of Georgia. Dr. Gibbs is co-founder of Artimatic, Inc., a company that applies Machine Learning/AI to challenges in the digital art space. Dr. Gibbs carries his educational drive to the wider public via his
YouTube channel, https://youtube.com@Dr. Know-it-all.