Size and Power of the New Nvidia B200 Chips and Systems

Linus Tech tips looks at the size, weight and power of the LARGEST GPUs we have ever seen. Then B200 e size of a Server Rack. They also look at Network switches.

The server rack has 18 blades of 72 B200 chips.

4 thoughts on “Size and Power of the New Nvidia B200 Chips and Systems”

  1. Nvidea has a LOT more memory/network bandwidth than amd which becomes important for very large and superlarge LLMs

  2. The data centres should be located in the basements of community pools, hydroponic growing operations and other large heating loads.

    A couple of GB200s at 20PFlops will be roughly equivalent to the 1e11 neurons x 1000 synapses x 100Hz firing rate of a human brain (once we get software figured out), So Human level AGI instances of a few years hence are likely to only need a few kW.

    • Foyle: You make a very practical point. I only hope enough “practical people” in the right industries, and with the influence are in the right position (and mindset) to affect positive change.

      One other observation, I can’t help but make. I’ve long had a problem with knowing how anything digital; (1’s and 0’s, yes/no, on off) can have sentience. An ego (by it’s most basic definition means “sense of self”.) Yes, a fast enough computer can give the illusion it has a personality. Perhaps it’s better a machine does not have an awareness of “personhood”. Perhaps they need only recognize each individual person they encounter.

      If we want to create self aware beings, by intent or mistake, we should worry about the consequences. Which I can hardly imagine. And last, the guy next to his device? I can FEEL his joy just from the picture’s. It’s infectious in a nice way. As for the device, hell I can’t even tell if it’s plugged in…

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