With Quantum SpeedUp Proven Will There Be Quantum Manhattan Projects?

Google will likely announce quantum speedup and quantum supremacy has been proven using the random circuit selection problem. It is pretty clear that physics allows quantum speedup. Will there be Quantum Manhattan Projects? Phase 1a – Scale existing superconducting technology to 1000 or so non-error-corrected qubits. Phase 1b – Try to get better qubits and …

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IBM 53 Qubit Cloud Accessible Quantum Computer and Nextbigfuture Interviews Bob Sutor, VP – IBM Q Strategy

IBM opened the IBM Quantum Computation Center in New York State. The new center expands the world’s largest fleet of commercial quantum systems existing beyond the confines of experimental lab environments. This includes five 20-qubit systems with a Quantum Volume of 16 – a measure of the power of a quantum computer – demonstrating a new milestone in quality and reproducibility. Within one month, IBM’s commercially available quantum fleet will grow to 14 systems, including a new 53-qubit quantum computer, the single largest universal quantum system made available for external access in the industry.

What is a Container in Information Technology and How is it Useful?

Software Container Technology is one of the most popular technologies used currently in app development. In fact, the top two websites in the world, Google Search and YouTube, run on containers. Moreover, Google creates and starts over two billion containers each week. Many container technologies are offered and supported by the major cloud computing platforms …

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Fundraising or Looking for New Clients for Your Business or Idea?

Nextbigfuture has partnered with fundraising, business development & international expansion experts to support promising ideas and businesses. With access to 100s of leading venture funds, family offices, High Net Worths (HNWs) & companies, we could open doors to growth capital or new clients to help your business grow internationally. Having helped 30+ companies raise over …

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Russian Quantum Hacking Lab

There is a Quantum hacking lab which is a site of the Russian Quantum Center. This site has a collection of videos, research papers and presentations about quantum cryptography and quantum security. Vadim Makarov worked at the University of Waterloo for many years and recently has been in Shanghai and Moscow. Brian WangBrian Wang is …

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Classical, Quantum and Simulated Quantum Computers Work Together

Nextbigfuture spoke with an experienced quantum computing machine learning solutions lead from 1qbit. 1qbit solves problems with quantum computer solutions with D-Wave Systems quantum and with Fujitsu’s digital (classical computer hardware) annealing system. They also have worked with many other gate-based quantum systems. 1QBit solves industry’s most demanding computational challenges by recasting problems to harness …

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SpaceX Has Money to Make Starlink Operational Which Will Then Pay for Starship

SpaceX has raised over $1 billion and this will be enough money to make and deploy the 720 Starlink satellites that are needed for an operational constellation. Musk said SpaceX will have most of the space launch revenue at $3 billion a year. SpaceX already has 60% of commercial launch. Elon believes internet service revenue …

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