follow up: places discussing SENS and critiques

Fight aging gives its feedback about the three submissions that qualified for consideration according to the terms of the Challenge have been posted at Technology Review. There are also discussions of the submissions criticizing the SENS approach to life extension here at digital crusader

Einstein Researchers Take the Pulse of a Gene in Living Cells: real time gene activity

Scientists at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University have observed for the first time that gene expression can occur in the form of discrete “pulses” of gene activity. There are pulses of gene activity and it can be observed in real time. The researchers used pioneering microscopy techniques, developed by Dr. Robert …

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Korean robotic military vehicles

Korea also making military robots A battery powered surveillance XAV weighs in at 1.2-tons and is designed for patrol and information gathering. Top speed of about 19MPH. A gasoline powered combat XAV weighs 0.9 tons and has a top speed of 28 mph and has 5.56-millimeter machine guns. The units are being tested and will …

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other tech: Robotics and Intelligent Systems in Support of Society

A survey of recent robotics and robotics related AI being used in applications Advances in robotics and intelligent systems have led to systems and solutions that will profoundly affect society. This article provides several examples of the use of such ecotechnologies in the service of humanity, in robotics, speech, vision, human-computer interaction, and natural language …

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IEEE Intelligency Systems look at the Future of AI

IEEE Intelligent Systems looks at the Future of AI (Artificial Intelligence) A PDF of 10 AI Researchers to watch One of the top 10 researchers: Eyal Amir starts: The three challenges to achieving human-level AI are merging knowledge representation with machine learning, scaling up reasoning with logical and probabilistic knowledge to real-world-size problems, and developing …

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other tech: Wireless communication

An IEEE standards group, 802.15.3c, is hard at work defining specifications for such chips in a 2-Gb/s short-range, personal area network. More than 20 companies say they intend to participate in writing the standard, including such heavy hitters as Fujitsu, Freescale, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Philips, and Samsung. 7 GHz of unlicensed bandwidth is available for new …

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other tech: hybrid SUVs

A modified General Motors Chevrolet Equinox called the Moovada gets 35 mpg instead of 17mpg. The Chevrolet Equinox 2006 is a midsize SUV that weighs just over 2.5 tons and claims 19mpg highway and 25 mpg in city driving It seats 5 people Pricing is MSRP $21,400 and invoice of $19,945. A non-hybrid ford escape …

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