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Supervision enhancement

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Michael Anissimov over at Accelerating Future discusses CNN polls target=blank>that CNN presented as part of their future summit One facet of enhancement that is not controversial but is widespread is vision enhancement. In the further reading section, I refer to …

EconomicsMicronutrient Deficiency Problems for Developed and Developing Countries

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Developing countries have a problem of insufficient iodine which degrades intelligence by 10-15 percent. This is mostly solved by adding iodine to salt in the developed world. Most people are aware of the importance of getting enough calcium, which remains …

diseaseSingularity lite: one to two levels of faster technological change

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The technological singularity is a hypothesized point in the future variously characterized by the technological creation of self-improving intelligence, unprecedentedly rapid technological progress, or some combination of the two. I would want to focus on the aspect of “unprecendentedly rapid …