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chinaSuperfast factory mass production of skyscrapers is crushing the system for printing a house in 20 hours

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Nextbigfuture has covered contour crafting for cement jet printing of buildings for years. We have a contour crafting tag for all of articles on this topic. We have also had a lot of articles about Broad Group of China’s factory …

carbon nanotubesPrinted Buildings Update in a TED talk

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We have had frequent coverage of contour crafting aka printing buildings using a big inkjet printer with cement as the ink There is a TEDx talk from a fellow named Behrokh Khoshnevis, who is a professor of engineering at USC, …

cementSingularity University Semester Completion and Projects

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The first Singularity University 9 week semester is completing today. A goal of the Singularity University is to catalyze projects that could possibly help 1 Billion People in Under Ten Years. The team projects from the first semester include the …