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biofuelsReviewing my 2006 Technology Predictions

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I made about 156 prediction back in March 2006 in a nanotech-now article. I reviewed the predictions in September 2007 PREDICTION: Thousand CPU, FPGA simulator 2007-2008 – CORRECT The RAMP Blue v3.0 rack, with 21 BEE2s, each with 48 cores, …

energyDNA/biotech/synthetic biology & nanotechnology to Watch in 2009 and Beyond

The technological and other developments to watch was expanded to four parts:1. Computers, robots, electronics and communication2. Energy and transportation3. DNA/biotech/synthetic biology, nanotechnology – this section4. Medicine, life extension, space, manufacturing and anything else that was not covered 1. DNA …

carsHigh Impact Technology Update

Convergence08 was this past weekend, Nov 15-16, 2008. There were many talks and discussions. I gave an update on high impact technology. I did not have the proper connection for a Macbook and an older projector, so gave this talk …