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futureCheaper fabbers and 3d scanners

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A desktop fabrication factory for $5000 The Desktop Factory 3D printer, which has a list price of $4,995, uses an inexpensive halogen light source and drum printing technology to build robust parts layer by layer from composite plastic powder. The …

militaryEngines of Creation predictions are not fanciful

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digg_url= ‘’; digg_skin =’compact’;reddit_url=’’reddit_url=’’ An updated version of Engines of Creation is online The Center for Responsible Nanotechnology (CRN), has an article that points out that the term “molecular nanotechnology” has been associated almost invariably with fantastic notions like bloodstream …

DNAComparing modern skeptism about molecular nanotechnology with FPGA in 1957

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Chris Pheonix has a though experiment of taking an FPGA chip back in time to 1957. He indicates the problems that would encountered trying to get the engineers of the day to accept that the FPGA could work and to …