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displaysDwave Systems will be commercially releasing a new 1152 qubit quantum annealing system in March 2015

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Dr. Colin P. Williams , Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships for D-Wave Systems provided answers in an email interview with Nextbigfuture. 1. How is Dwave doing with the 2048 qubit system ? D-Wave is making fantastic progress …

adaptive clinical trialsDwave Quantum Computer 128 qubits Weeks away

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CTO of Dwave Systems has mentioned in comments on his site. They will also be showing entanglement related results. We’re tracking fairly well to our earlier projections in most aspects of the project. Our first cut at a 128 qubit …

carbon nanotubesAI the 1950s and now or did you make that nematode smarter than humans yet?

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Lee Gomes of the Wall Street Journal asks : But don’t singularity people know that AI researchers have been trying to make such machines since the 1950s, without much success? Lee is referring to the goal of making machines smarter …