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albertaReviewing my predictions on the future and recent Gartner predictions

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Here is another update to my March 2006 technology predictions. Prediction: Real-time biomarker tracking and monitoring 2008-2012 Progress: Cheap less than $100 USB gene testerOld mockup of the cheap gene tester. The device is now much smaller than size of …

detectionDC-based futurists and analysts pick top 12 areas for innovation by 2025

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DC-based research and consulting firm Social Technologies released a series of 12 briefs on their top 12 areas for high impact technology innovation through 2025. 1. Personalized medicine 2. Distributed energy (DE) 3. Pervasive computing 4. Nanomaterials 5. Biomarkers for …

militaryEngines of Creation predictions are not fanciful

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digg_url= ‘’; digg_skin =’compact’;reddit_url=’’reddit_url=’’ An updated version of Engines of Creation is online The Center for Responsible Nanotechnology (CRN), has an article that points out that the term “molecular nanotechnology” has been associated almost invariably with fantastic notions like bloodstream …