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Supervision enhancement

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Michael Anissimov over at Accelerating Future discusses CNN polls target=blank>that CNN presented as part of their future summit One facet of enhancement that is not controversial but is widespread is vision enhancement. In the further reading section, I refer to …

cancerRegenerative Medicine Advance: Frog Tadpole Artificially Induced To Re-grow Its Tail

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Scientists at Forsyth may have moved one step closer to regenerating human spinal cord tissue by artificially inducing a frog tadpole to re-grow its tail at a stage in its development when it is normally impossible. Past articles on regenerative …

NIACLife extension prospects

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An article that discusses various research and possibilities for extending maximum lifespan Optimal amounts of the amino acid methionine seems to be an important part of low calorie diets. A recent Spanish study found that methionine restriction definitely decreases oxidative …