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detectionDC-based futurists and analysts pick top 12 areas for innovation by 2025

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DC-based research and consulting firm Social Technologies released a series of 12 briefs on their top 12 areas for high impact technology innovation through 2025. 1. Personalized medicine 2. Distributed energy (DE) 3. Pervasive computing 4. Nanomaterials 5. Biomarkers for …

energy1 gigawatt wind turbine

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Treehugger shows a 1 gigawatt magnetically levitated wind power generating turbine Maglev Wind Turbine Technologies proposes this technology digg_url= ‘’; digg_skin =’compact’; reddit_url=’’reddit_url=’’ var pubId=12340; var siteId=12341; var kadId=18004; var kadwidth=336; var kadheight=280; var kadtype=1; It looks like it is …