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computersWinterberg on Ultradense Deuterium

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Ultradense Deuterium (21 page pdf) by Winterberg An attempt is made to explain the recently reported occurrence of ultradense deuterium as an isothermal transition of Rydberg matter into a high density phase by quantum mechanical exchange forces. It is conjectured …

bolonkinTechnology Roundup – Quantum computer Algorithm

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1. MIT Technology Review: Seth Lloyd describes the utility of the new quantum computing algorithm for linear equations. MIT researchers, however, have developed a new algorithm that could solve systems of linear equations with exponential speed–improving video processing, weather modeling, …

astronomyTwo Stage Configuration Winterberg Fusion Rocket Could Go 20% of lightspeed

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Adam Crowl, crowlspace, points out that with the 6.3% of light speed exhaust velocity from Winterbergs deuterium fusion rocket design means a 120,000 ton starship attached to 12,000,000 tons of deuterium can do a delta-vee of ~0.2 c (20% of …