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5gChina plans rapid shift from 4G to 5G

China has over 1.1 billion 4G mobile phone subscribers as of August 2018 and should have 1.2 billion by March, 2019. 5G will have twenty times higher peak data rates compared to 4G. 5G will be the connective tissue for …

5gChina Tower $8.7 billion IPO is part of China’s 5G rollout by 2020

China Tower is raising US$8.7 billion in an IPO tomorrow. China Tower announced plans to speed up the construction of 5G networks and keep costs down by making use of electric power companies’ transmission towers. China Tower is more of …

5gJapan reaches 10 gbps 5G in a smaller chip

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Tokyo Tech researchers have designed and fabricated a tiny, fast, reliable and accurate 28-GHz transceiver meant for stable high-speed 5G

5gT-Mobile and Sprint will merge to be a stronger 5G force

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T-Mobile US (NASDAQ: TMUS) and Sprint Corporation (NYSE: S) today announced they have entered into a definitive agreement to merge in an all-stock transaction at a fixed exchange ratio of 0.10256 T-Mobile shares for each Sprint share or the equivalent …

5gIntel Introduces Portfolio of Commercial 5G New Radio Modems with Intel® XMMTM 7660 Modem

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Intel today announced substantial advances in its wireless product roadmap to accelerate the adoption of 5G. Highlights include the introduction of the Intel® XMMTM 8000 series, Intel’s first family of 5G new radio (5G NR) multi-mode commercial modems, and Intel’s …

5g5G and Internet of Things are ramping up and Intel is ready to make them work efficiently

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Nextbigfuture interviewed Rob Topol about 5G. Rob is general manager of Intel’s client and IOT business and systems architecture group. Rob Topol, general manager of Intel’s client and IOT business and systems architecture group. The Internet of Things will soon …

5gTransmission of video signals 100 times faster than fastest cellular network

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Researchers have demonstrated the transmission of two separate video signals through a terahertz multiplexer at a data rate more than 100 times faster than today’s fastest cellular data networks. Multiplexing, the ability to send multiple signals through a single channel, …

5gTerabit DSL could solve the last mile problem with far less cost

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John Cioffi described Terabit DSL (TDSL). It include carrying 50-600 GHz wireless signals through the tiny spaces between individual twisted pairs or the cables that bundle a hundred of them. “We are shooting for a terabit/second over 100 meters, 100 …

5gNIST forms 5G alliance of 130 companies

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NIST launched the 5G mmWave Channel Model Alliance to accelerate the development and use of accurate measurements and models for next-generation communications technology. By bringing together researchers from multiple stakeholders—including communications technology companies, academia and government—NIST is accelerating 5G innovation. …

5gRestoring American Seapower with smaller aircraft carriers

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While a new naval future fleet architecture study from the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA) suggests that the U.S. Navy should maintain a fleet of 12 full-sized supercarriers, the paper also suggests that the service should develop a …