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amazonMost Valuable Company Title Moved Between Amazon, Apple and Microsoft

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The Most Valuable Company in the World title was with Microsoft on Friday. Over the weekend there a cease-fire in the Trade War between the USA and China. This gave more of a boost to Apple and Amazon on Monday. …

amazonAmazon is Bringing Cloud Computing Economics and Convenience to Space Data Operations

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Getting satellite data back to Earth is still more difficult than it should be. Large-scale satellite operators often build and run their own ground stations at a cost of up to one million dollars or more each; smaller operators enter …

amazonAmazon will split second HQ between Long Island City Queens and Crystal City Arlington

Amazon has picked New York’s Long Island City, in Queens and Arlington County’s Crystal City neighborhoods for split second headquarters. The cities will get a lot more jobs and tax revenue. Crystal City is an urban neighborhood in the southeastern …

amazonPuranik CEO of Atlantic.Net validates space based cloud operations

Space could represent a new frontier for cloud infrastructure. Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM and Oracle battle for business from companies that are offloading their data center computing and storage needs. Marty Puranik, CEO and Founder of Atlantic.Net, a leading cloud …

amazonStarting 2019, Iridium satellites providing Amazon cloud for internet of things

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Iridium Communications announced Sept 27, 2018, it joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) and has been collaborating with AWS on the development of Iridium CloudConnect, the first and only satellite cloud-based solution that offers truly global coverage …

amazonBig Tech advantage is larger than WW2 code breakers over Germany

Google has over 90% of the world’s searches. Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Search Engine Market Share Facebook has 65% of social media. Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Social Media Market Share < href="">Amazon has almost 50% of all eCommerce …

amazonRichest man in the world has launched a $2 billion fund to help the homeless

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, richest man in the world, and his wife have launched a $2 billion fund to help the homeless. They will create a network of nonprofit preschools in low-income communities. Jeff Bezos ($164 billion) has a higher …

amazonAmazon second to reach $1 trillion market value

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Amazon shares reached $2050 and the company passed $1 trillion in market value. Apple is at $1.1 trillion in market value. Microsoft is at $853 billion. Google (Alphabet) is at $840 billion. Facebook is at $493 billion.

alibabaDivvyCloud provides insight into the cloud computing world

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DivvyCloud, a cloud security and compliance company, is expanding to support Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group. More businesses are shifting to the cloud globally, DivvyCloud’s software will help customers achieve continuous security governance in Alibaba Cloud. …

amazonMicrosoft climbing back toward most valuable company in the world

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Microsoft has a market valution of $760 billion. Google has a market capitalization of $745 billion. Google and Facebook are facing up to $9.3 Billion in fines on first day of new European privacy law. Shares of Microsoft (MSFT) rose …