Anti-aging Protein in Blood Cells Helps Slow Cognitive Decline

As life expectancies around the world increase, so are the number of people who will experience age-related cognitive decline. The amount of oxygen in the blood declines with age. Aging in the brain might be naturally held at bay by adenosine receptor A2B (ADORA2B), a protein on the membrane of red blood cells which is …

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Perspective on Cracking Problems With HUGE Numbers of Possibilities

Deep Mind has been able to make significant progress toward solving the protein folding problem. Protein folding is not solved yet. Here I will describe : * the complexity the protein folding problem. 10^300 folding possibilities for the the average protein based upon certain assumptions * I will compare the other large problems to protein …

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Traveling Amoeba for Better Traveling Salesman Solutions

Traveling Salesman Problems are in a class of very difficult mathematical problems called NP-Complete problems. The possible solutions scales at insanely high levels that go far beyond current supercomputers. Better solutions for these problems could enable postal services, airlines and package delivery to be far more efficient. Better solutions could boost the overall efficiency of …

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