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direct energy weaponUS Will Have Space Based Sensors by 2023 But Will Not Deploy Space Weapons Yet

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The Defense Department will continue to research and study space-based weapons like megawatt lasers, particle beams, and orbiting missiles. Michael Griffin, the defense undersecretary for research and engineering, has pushed to expand U.S. missile defenses and to enable hitting ICBMs …

direct energy weaponNew research for space based Neutral Particle Beam (NPB) system

The US Missile Defense Agency had a request for “Develop the enabling technologies required to field an operational exo-atmospheric Neutral Particle Beam (NPB) system”. Neutral beam accelerator technology was developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory. A prototype neutral hydrogen beam …

air forceUS Senate budgeting $200 million in 2018 to speed laser and microwave weapons

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The US Senate’s version of the annual defense bill provides $200 million for rapid prototyping of directed energy weapons. There’s no shortage of U.S. military interest in battlefield lasers and other directed-energy weapons. From truck-mounted lasers to high-powered microwaves that …