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earthquakeGeocosmo set up earthquake warning facility in Turkey

In 2017, a facility in Turkey was established through a collaboration between Turkey’s Natural Movements Research Foundation (DOHAD) and the GeoCosmo Research Center Foundation, a California-based group associated with NASA. “We will measure plenty of data and assess it. The …

disasterGeocosmo detects intermittent magnetic and ground temperature signals 2-3 weeks before large earthquakes #gsummit

Using advanced sensors and algorithms GeoCosmo and its partners have successfully forecast twenty earthquakes in both North and South America. Up to seven days in advance. The existing “Early Warning System” is nothing more than an “announcing system” for earthquakes …

disasterGeocosmo can forecast earthquakes weeks in advance – winner of Singularity University Grand challenge with Disaster Resilience #gsummit

Two, three weeks before an earthquake strikes, there are subatomic particles that are released. We can now forecast earthquakes to the hour two or three weeks before it strikes. Rocks contain dormant electronic charge carriers which can be activated by …