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exoskeletonNASA and Rice University create wearable exoskeleton for the shoulder

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NASA’s Wearable Robotics Laboratory, in collaboration with Rice University, has used the technologies developed for the exoskeleton and the Space Suit Roboglove to help with rehabilitation and augmentation of one of the most complex human joints … the shoulder. NASA’s …

algorithmUS Army testing FORTIS exoskeleton that will let soldiers climb with 180 pounds of gear

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The US Army is testing the Lockheed Martin FORTIS exoskeleton. Using independent actuators, motors and lightweight conformal structures, lithium ion battery powered FORTIS allows soldiers to carry 180 pounds up five flights of stairs while expending less energy. There is …

canadaExoskeleton motorized knees help soldiers carry heavy gear

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Founded in 2010, B-TEMIA is a privately-owned dermoskeletic technology company. Based in Quebec City, Canada, B-TEMIA develops, manufactures and commercializes cutting-edge products in the growing market of human augmentation systems. B-TEMIA’s proprietary wearable Dermoskeleton™ technology provides the user with robotized …

engineering32 mph record for human body controlled jet engine powered suit

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Richard achieved an impressive speed of 32.02 mph (51.53 km/h) on his third and final timed attempt, before dropping into the lake. By that point though it didn’t matter because Richard had made already history with Gravity’s game-changing invention.. Richard …

constructionSarcos Robotics has force multiplying robots and exoskeletons to boost productivity

Sarcos has a snake bot and force multiplying robotic arms. Guardian™ GT is a human-controlled, force-multiplying robotic system with one or two highly dexterous arms mounted on a track or wheeled base, allowing a single operator to do more, safely. …

exoskeletonRussian Ratnik 3 combat suit will have built in exoskeleton

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In June 2017, Russia had an exhibit of the future and showed mockups of future combat suit with a built in exoskeleton. Russia hopes to be able to make operational units in a couple of years.

exoskeletonRobotic exosuit enhances human performance

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What if you could improve your average running pace from 9:14 minutes/mile to 8:49 minutes/mile without weeks of training? Researchers at Harvard’s Wyss Institute and the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) at Harvard University …

armyComprehensive monitoring first and then better merging with equipment

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The Army Research Lab is launching the Human Variability Project to gather massive amounts of biophysical data. Patrick Tucker at Defense One indicates that the Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy, and their special operations forces are also funding research to …

algorithmOptimum human input exoskeleton with 17-31% efficiency gains

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Researchers at the College of Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a novel design approach for exoskeletons and prosthetic limbs that incorporates direct feedback from the human body. The findings were published this week in Science. This technique, called …

exoskeletonTitanium TALOS exoskeleton on track for late 2018

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The US Special Forces is building the TALOS (tactical assault light operator suit) exoskeleton. The suit has : * physiological and biological sensors * actuators that serve as the muscles to power the suit * processors and computers, * and …