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So long Global Warming and thanks for all of the fish

About 37 percent of Earth’s land area is used for agricultural land. About one-third of this area, or 11 percent of Earth’s total land, is used for crops. The balance, roughly one-fourth of Earth’s land area, is pastureland, which includes …

Ocean fish farming could commercialize in 2018

InnovaSea Systems has raised $15 million to develop an all-in-one system for farming fish in the open ocean. They plan to bring the product to market in 2018. They will test its technology at fish farms in Panama and Mexico.

Japan will restart fifth nuclear reactor in July

Workers have begun loading nuclear fuel into a reactor at the Ikata power plant in western Japan. The operator plans to restart the reactor in late July. Shikoku Electric Power Co. started loading nuclear fuel Friday into a reactor at …