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cancerAccelerated Evolution Biotechnologies Claims to Have a Breakthrough Cancer Cure

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Aridor, chairman of the board of AEBi and CEO Dr. Ilan Morad, say the AEBi anti-cancer treatment, which they call MuTaTo (multi-target toxin) is essentially on the scale of a cancer antibiotic – a disruption technology of the highest order. …

israelMany Tiny Satellites Can Create Image of a Giant Space Telescope

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Nanosatellites the size of milk cartons arranged in a spherical (annular) configuration were able to capture images that match the resolution of the full-frame, lens-based or concave mirror systems used on today’s telescopes. They created a miniature model with a …

air forceBoeing will spend 35% of military purchase in Israel

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Boeing will collaborate with Israeli industries for at least 35 percent of the value of any transaction it signs with the Israeli government. Israel will be buying about $10 billion worth of jet fighters, helicopters and other military gear. The …

israelUS loading armored vehicles with Israeli active defense to deter Russia

The latest version of Israel’s Trophy defense system stopped more than 95 percent of 300 missiles and rockets shot at it in Israeli tests this summer.

airplaneNine-passenger all electric regional passenger aircraft by 2021

Israeli startup Eviation is making a nine-passenger all-electric regional passenger aircraft by 2021. It will take 9 passengers up to 650 miles at a cruise speed of 240 knots. Alice uses distributed propulsion with one main pusher propeller at the …

dronesUK buys Israeli anti-drone system which uses 5 kilowatt laser to takeout drones up to 2000 meters away

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RADA Electronic Industries Multi-Mission Hemispheric Radars (MHR), which are embedded in the Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Drone Dome counter-drone solution, will be delivered to the British Army in the coming months. These systems will be used to protect from airborne …

israelIsrael and Hamas exchange over 150 rockets and 140 air strikes

Israel has launched air strikes that hit over 140 military targets on Gaza after Hamas militants fired over 150 rockets into Israel. The Israeli air force hit more than 140 military targets across 20 sites in Gaza. Target included a …

futureSaudi and US support of Israel would make multiple strikes on Iran Nuclear facilities feasible

The Iranian nuclear program is spread across dozens of sites over an area that is bigger than France, Germany and Spain combined and located 1,000 miles away from Israel. Israel could and did use military strikes to take single facilities …

israelSpaceIL plans to land hopping robot on the moon by end of 2018

Isreali startup SpaceIl plans to launch a lunar lander and robotic rover to the moon in December, 2018. SpaceIL had been competing in the Lunar Xprize contest. The Lunar XPrize had a few deadline extensions but was finished with no …

iranIran weakening with big protests, economic problems and Israel could be building up to attack

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Israel is investing more than $2 billion for new weapons for a possible attack against Iran. They are getting a new long-range missile and new refueling aircraft. A new IAI/IMI Rampage missile has about 150-kilometer range and is a fire …