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economic impactSeries of Fusion Experiments that Could Lead to Cheap, Clean, Abundant Fusion Energy

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The bootstrapped LPP Fusion dense plasma focus nuclear fusion project will be starting a potentially big year of testing. They are completing work on their beryllium electrode. If everything goes smoothly on four critical steps then this could be the …

energyLPP Fusion has funds try to reach nuclear fusion net gain milestone

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LPP Fusion has raised over $640,000 in its latest crowdfunding round. LPP fusion is preparing for beryllium electrode experiments for its attempt to prove out their dense plasma focus fusion designs. LPP fusion wants to build small, decentralized 5 Megawatt …

dense plasma focusLPP Fusion Funded and prepping for Berylium electrode experiments

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LPPF is preparing actively for both the experiments with beryllium electrodes expected in the spring and for the shift to hydrogen-boron fuel expected before year-end. The research team is planning the new vacuum system that will ensure that any beryllium …

dense plasma focusLPP Fusion is 90% of the way to hitting funding goal

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LPP Fusion is nearing their minimum funding level for their latest round of financing. LPPFusion has raised $370,000 out of a minimum $400,000 funding round. LPPFusion is a small New Jersey R and D firm with the ambitious goal of …

energyIn less than a day LPP Fusion Fund Raising at $147,000+

LPP Fusion is trying to make a 5 megawatt dense plasma focus fusion generators. Their curret WeFunder crowdfunding equity is going well with over $147,000 raised toward a fund raising goal of $1 million.

dense plasma focusLPP Fusion raising $1 million via equity crowdfunding

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LPPFusion has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign to raise $1 million to fund the next major stage of their research to develop a cheap, clean, safe and unlimited source of energy. The campaign, which went live at Noon EST, Nov. …

energyLPP fusion claims to have achieved nuclear fusion confinement record of 200 kiloelectron volts

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LPP Fusion has submitted a paper for peer review to the journal Physics of Plasmas, in which Lerner and his coauthors claim to have produced a confined mean ion energy of 200 kiloelectron volts, equivalent to a temperature of over …

energyLPP Fusion continues cleaning impurities

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In May, the LPP Fusion research team’s ongoing effort to clean off the oxides from the electrodes of our FF-1 experimental fusion device has made progress, but is not completed yet. they have succeeded in doubling the temperature of the …

fusionHow does LPP Fusion rank against other nuclear fusion projects ?

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LPP Fusion released on April 10, 2017 a new video series, “The New Fusion Race”, providing the first ranking of the world’s leading efforts to achieve fusion energy. The film compares objective measures of the results that various projects have …

energyLPP Fusion working on Tungsten anode related impurities and in the summer will have experiments with new Beryllium Cathode

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Hardric Labs in Massachusetts has reported to LPPFusion that its work on machining the new beryllium cathode is nearing completion and they expect to ship the finished piece in early March, only a few weeks behind their initial schedule. Since …