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DNA nanotechnologyTennessee Valley Authority Study Prefers Completing of Bellefonte Unit 1 Over New Build

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TVA said its integrated assessment of the two alternatives (build all new or complete unit 1) has resulted in identifying the completion of unit 1 (one of the partially completed B&W units) as the preferred project. The FEIS is the …

DNA nanotechnologyMaximum Magnetic Field Allowed in Quantum Electro Dynamics is not 10^42 Gauss

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Ad Support : Nano Technology   Netbook    Technology News    Computer Software Arxiv – Is there a maximum magnetic field in QED? It was recently conjectured by Shabad and Usov that there exists in QED a maximum magnetic field of 10^42 Gauss, above …

bootstrapping nanotechnologyReproducible Cold Fusion Excess Heat experiment ?

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Photos and Annotations from Akito Takahashi taken at the Arata Cold fusion demonstration. Yoshiaki Arata, a retired (now emeritus) physics professor at Osaka University, Japan, together with his co-researcher Yue-Chang Zhang, uses pressure to force deuterium (D) gas into an …

bootstrapping nanotechnologyEnhanced geothermal energy

Enhanced geothermal systems (EGS), also sometimes called engineered geothermal systems, offer great potential for more than 100 GW of geothermal power which 40 times more than present geothermal power. Sandia national labs indicates ultimately geothermal global resources amount to 50,000 …

bootstrapping nanotechnologyConcentrated solar power balloons

Giant solar energy balloons floating high in the air may be a cheap way to provide electricity to areas lacking the land and infrastructure needed for traditional power systems. Solar balloons, designed by a team from the Technion Institute of …

bootstrapping nanotechnologyDarpa is on track for railgun firing of modified mortar rounds in 2008

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A full-scale, fully cantilevered electromagnetic railgun developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has successfully launched a full-sized projectile, with size and weight similar to a 120mm mortar, at speeds of 430 meters-per-second. 430 meters/second would be a …

ClaytronicsWhy the Nanodynamics IPO failed

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The story about why the Nanodynamic Dubai IPO failed/was withdrawn. According to a Nanoclarity investigation it was Global Crown Capital Ltd. (the lead underwriter) who did not provide all the money required for the IPO.

computational chemistryQuantum annealing can be millions of times faster than Classical computing

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Picture is the 16 qubit prototype. There was a 28 qubit prototype as well. A new announcement seems to imply 2000-4000 qubits by the end of 2008. “low thousands of qubits by the end of the year ”. The die …

bootstrapping nanotechnologyAnother step closer to large scale graphene electronics

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Researchers from University of Wollongong, New South Wales have a new and better way of separating graphene sheets. Their process allows sheets to be kept apart in aqueous solution by electrostatic repulsion alone – without the need for chemical stabilizers. …

pathwayBakken oil field is highly profitable for Petrobank

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Besides EOR Resources there are other players developing the Bakken oil resource. The economics are attractive in the Bakken play. At least four wells per section can be drilled. Drilling and completion costs are approximately $1.7 million per well, and …