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cameraComputers Can Read Minds But Digital Big Brother Has Better Technology

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People freak out when they discover that computers and MRI can already read our minds. Columbia University researchers just announced the ability of computers and MRI to read brain signals and convert them into clear spoken words.

camerasTesla Cars With Autopilot 2+ Hardware Will Watch Over the Car in Sentry Mode

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Elon Musk tweeted that Tesla is working on Sentry Mode for 360° dashcam surveillance. The car cameras will record activity like someone hitting a Tesla car parked in a parking lot. More software and storage will be used to activate …

darpaDARPA Creating Physically Provable Assurances Around Data Security and Privacy

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DARPA is seeking to create new software and hardware architectures that provide physically provable assurances around data security and privacy. Keeping a system completely disconnected from all means of information transfer is an unrealistic security tactic. Modern computing systems must …

camerasSimple Existing Camera Technology and How Privacy Died a Few Years Ago

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Nextbigfuture has predicted ultra-high resolution cameras would become relatively common and high-resolution images and video would impact privacy. In 2006, Brian Wang of Nextbigfuture made two predictions related to cameras, resolution and privacy. Gigapixel cameras common was predicted for 2009-2015. …

internetFacebook Spies on Everything – Confirmation of Pure Evil

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A UK Parliamentary report on internal Facebook documents and found that Facebook was not satisfied with just your information and activity on the social media site and spied on everything you do on your phone. Facebook Used All of Their …

appleApple CEO Tim Cook calls for strong privacy protection

CEO Tim Cook blasted Silicon Valley technology companies and their abuse of user privacy. Tim gave the keynote address at a privacy conference in Brussels Wednesday. Facebook and Google make most of their money from advertising. Cook said * Personal …

futureNext gen satellites will count people 40 times a day at desired spots anywhere on earth

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DigitalGlobe will launch the WorldView Legion constellation of satellites from 2020 to 2021. called Scout—can snap a photo of a high-demand spot (say the Port of Shanghai) 40 times a day. Scott declined to specify how many satellites count as …

camerasNear term technology for global big brother

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A few thousand microsatellites with deployable telescopes could provide constant image monitoring of the earth at 0.25 meter to 0.5 resolution. This would scale up persistent drone monitoring to a global scale. There would be issues of data transmission and …

airplanesBetter Cement mixture would make it twice as strong and allow less to be used and reduce carbon emissions by 60 percent

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“Cement is the most-used material on the planet,” Pellenq says, noting that its present usage is estimated to be three times that of steel. “There’s no other solution to sheltering mankind in a durable way — turning liquid into stone …

futureReconciling China’s labor shortages with the jobless automated future

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For a long time, analysts and economists believed 8 per cent economic growth in China was necessary to create enough jobs to maintain social stability in the country. But China has fallen short of that line a few times now …