Sander Olson Interview David Barrett Who Lead a Team that Made a Robotic Fish, Robotic Snakes and Robotic Cars

Ad Support : Nano Technology   Netbook    Technology News &nbsp  Computer Software Here is the David Barrett interview, which was conducted by Sander Olson. Dr. Barrett is a Professor of mechanical engineering and design at Olin College who teaches robotics. He heads Olin’s Senior Capstone Program in Engineering (SCOPE) program, which is designed to introduce students to robotics …

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Strong Magnetic Fields Could Raise Superconducting Critical Temperature

A new-found aspect to superconductivity, called the “paramagnetic intrinsic Meissner effect,” is that a strong magnetic field could be used to raise temperatures at which materials become superconducting. A superconductor in a weak magnetic field expels the external magnetic field, but a superconductor in a strong magnetic field sometimes concentrates magnetic lines rather than loses …

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