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astronomyCarnival of Space 534

The Carnival of Space 534 is up at Urban Astronomer. Universe Today – Check Out NASA’s New Instrument that will Look for Life on Enceladus NASA hopes to send another mission to Jupiter to further explore the plumes and the …

astronomyCarnival of Space 527

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Carnival of Space 527 is up at The Evolving Planet. Universe Today – Cassini Conducts a Final Flyby of Titan Before Crashing into Saturn The NASA Cassini spacecraft made hundreds of passes over Titan during its 13-year mission. These included …

astronomyCarnival of Space 521

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Carnival of Space 521 is up at Universe Today Universe Today – Hubble Eyes Stratosphere Around a Very Hot, Watery Jupiter! Artist’s concept of the hot Jupiter WASP-121b, which presents the best evidence yet of a stratosphere on an exoplanet …