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carsElon Musk shows LA tunnel

Elon Musk released the first picture of the Boring Company’s Los Angeles tunnel. The Boring company was permitted to dig a tunnel in Los Angeles and Maryland and is working to get permission for a New York to DC tunnel. …

carsTesla Model 3 gets great reviews

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Motortrend test drove the new Tesla model 3. Motor Trend’s review says the Tesla model 3 has great handling and great acceleration. A 2.0-liter Alfa Romeo Giulia feels like a wet sponge by comparison. * infographics reside on a 15.4-inch, …

carnival of spaceCarnival of Space 518

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The Carnival of Space 518 is up at Everyday Spacer Blasting News – Moon Express reveals its plans for private lunar exploration The first probe Moon Express intends to launch is the Lunar Scout, which the company hopes to launch …