Moltex Energy Gets US$7.5 Million in Crowdfunding for Molten Salt Nuclear Reactor

Moltex Energy has raised 6 million british pounds (USD7.5 million) in funding through online investment platform Shadow Foundr. Their design is a Stable Salt Reactors that builds on the fundamental safety and simplicity breakthrough of molten salt fuel in essentially standard nuclear fuel tubes. The funding will support the company through the pre-licensing process in …

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Theresa May Resigns and Banks Have 25-40% Odds for a No-Deal Brexit

U.S. bank JPMorgan has raised its probability of a no-deal Brexit to 25%. They think the most likely scenario is Boris Johnson will become prime minister and then there will be a parliamentary election. They believe there is a 60% chance the departure date is delayed from Oct 31. BNP Paribas sees a 40% probability of a no-deal Brexit.

Brexit Party Could Win in UK Election and Trudeau Will Likely Lose in Canada

A new Opinium/Observer poll shows both major British parties have lost vote share: Labour has lost ground to the Lib Dems and Greens, while the Conservatives are losing ground to the Brexit Party who have reached 21%. The Brexit Party has taken a strong 13-point lead in the latest poll for the European Parliament elections. …

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Reaction Engines Tests Critical Pre-Cooler at Mach 3.3 Conditions

Reaction Engines is working towards air-breathing space planes and hypersonic airplanes. They have successfully tested their critical pre-cooler technology at the temperature conditions it would experience at 3.3 times the speed of sound. The pre-cooler quickly drops the temperature of the air so that the engines for a space plane or hypersonic vehicle would not …

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First Light Uses a Electromagnetic Railgun to Fire Mach 58 Projectiles to Create Fusion

First Light Fusion is trying to generate energy using inertial confinement fusion. They spunout from the University of Oxford in June 2011. First Light uses a high-velocity projectile (58 times the speed of sound) to create a shockwave to collapse a cavity containing plasma inside a ‘target’. The design of these targets is First Light’s …

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Reaction Engines Targets 2020 to Test Hypersonic Engine for Space Planes

In 2018, Reaction Engines has been building two test facilities which they will use to validate the performance of key parts of the SABRE™ spaceplane hypersonic engine. In the US test facility (TF2) will enable the precooler test article (HTX) to be exposed to high-temperature airflow conditions in excess of 1,000°C (~1800°F) that are expected …

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Bad drivers and very low accident costs will help China win with self-driving cars

China has said it will ban gas and diesel cars in the near future. Many expect China to ban new non-electric cars in 2030. Car manufacturers recognize they cannot compete with combustion engine cars in China. They are the largest market for cars in the world. About 25 million cars are sold in China versus …

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