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exaflopWill 1000 ExaFlop Supercomputers Come from Brute Force Scaling or New Technology?

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Next year the world will have its first ExaFlop Supercomputer. This supercomputer will likely be built in China. The USA will follow about 12 months after with the A21 ExaFlop supercomputer in 2021. Ten researchers from China’s National University of …

dwave systemsThe Supercomputer Race After ExaFlops is Super Cool

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The first Exaflop supercomputers are just scaling up with energy efficient modifications the technologies that have enabled the 100-200 petaFlop supercomputers. Super Cool Technologies Beyond the Exaflop Supercomputer DownUnder GeoSolutions (DUG) has started making petaflop supercomputers that are much more …

brontoflopsNon-von Neumann zettaFLOPS supercomputers, yottaFLOPS cryogenic supercomputers and beyond with molecular nanotechnology

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Thomas Sterling has retracted his prediction that we will never reach ZettaFLOP computers. He now predicts zettaFLOPS can be achieved in less than 10 years if innovations in non-von Neumann architecture can be scaled. With a change to cryogenic technologies, …