UK Military Robot Plans

The UK rolled out plans for a lot more robots in their future military. This is for air and ground forces.

The MOD’s research needs the plan also introduces five Capability Visions designed to stimulate new technologies and new uses of existing ones.

They are:

• Reducing the burden on the dismounted soldier – challenging industry to lighten the load on a soldier to 25kg while maintaining and improving personal protection levels

• Future Protected Vehicle – lightweight vehicles to achieve the effectiveness and survivability of a main battle tank. (Watch a computer animation of the Future Protected Vehicles in action in a simulated battle scenario.)

• Reducing operational dependency on fossil fuels – finding options for alternative sources of energy supply, management and use in future operations

• Novel Air Concept – a cost effective, reusable uninhabited air system that operates within the urban landscape

• Electronics Defeat – understanding the threats of and to sophisticated electronic systems and information technology and how they can be protected against.