batteriesTriple Battery Density in 3-5 Years for Triple Electric Car Range

Innolith AG, Swiss maker of rechargeable Inorganic Battery Technology, says they have the world's first 1000 Wh/kg rechargeable battery. This would triple the range of electric cars. The Innolith Energy Battery would radically reduce costs by not using exotic and …

elon muskTesla May Build the Model Y Under a Tent in Fremont

Tesla announced their terrible financial results in the first quarter in their earnings call. They had $700 million in losses. Other information from the Tesla call: The Model Y could be built under a tent in Fremont but the Gigafactory …

amazonMicrosoft Surging Over $1 Trillion to Number One

Microsoft stock surging over $1 trillion in market value in after hours trading with a strong earnings report.

artificial intelligenceAI Can Be Used to Find Good CO2 Absorbing Micro Capsules

Micro-Encapsulated CO2 Sorbents (MECS) are a possible technology to capture carbon from the atmosphere. They are tiny, reusable capsules full of a sodium carbonate solution that can absorb carbon dioxide from the air. Scientists run three fluids through a series …

electric carsTesla Model S and X Get New Drivetrain for 370 mile Range

Model S and Model X now come with an all-new drivetrain design that increases each vehicle’s range substantially, achieving a landmark 370 miles and 325 miles on the EPA cycle for Model S and Model X Long Range