Brian L. Wang, M.B.A. is a long time futurist. A lecturer at the Singularity University and author. He worked on the most recent ten year plan for the Institute for the Future and at a two day Institute for the Future workshop with Universities and City planners in Hong Kong (advising the city of Hong Kong on their future plans). He had a TEDx lecture on Energy. Brian is available as a speaker for corporations and organizations that value accurate and detailed insight into the development of technology global trends.

Contact : blwang at gmail dot com

He has worked in the information technology industry for over 20 years and ran his own professional services computer consulting company. He has also been involved in e-commerce, internet startups and real estate investing.

He is the author of Nextbigfuture website and has written over 25,000 articles for Nextbigfuture.

Nextbigfuture is the number 1 science news blog according to Amazon’s Alexa.

Nextbigfuture ranks 3rd in innovation according to blogmetrics.

Nextbigfuture ranks first in future

Readers of Nextbigfuture include the US Marines and Boston Consulting Group

Nextbigfuture was one of many references used in a US Marine of warfare in 2030 study.
The US Marines have tried to project trends and scenarios 15 to 30 years into the future. They had guidance from professional science fiction writers.
A Boston Consulting Group 2018 analysis of the future of quantum computing used Nextbigfuture as one of the key references.

He has written over 25000 articles for Nextbigfuture including in depth coverage on energy (especially nuclear and nuclear fusion), space, quantum computers, science, superconductors, nanotechnology, advanced computers and communication, military, technology, AI, urban development, cities and megacities.


He provided an annual lecture providing an update and overview on nanotechnology at the Singularity University from 2009 to 2012.
Brian was part of the IARPA Good judgement project for 2 years. This is predictions market where differing points are wagered based on the forecasters confidence. This study is to get groups to make superior predictions.
Brian has been studying how to make better predictions and forecasts for over 3 decades. He reviews predictions to see why they were right or wrong.
Specific highlight articles-Brian has his own projections of the most impactful technology trends in his series of Mundane Singularity articles.
Deaths per Terawatt hour for all energy sources. He has examined pollution mitigation, making all aspects of the energy, buildings and transportation more efficient and lower cost. Examined logistics and supply chain issues.
Brian made a set of 156 predictions back in 2006 and many of them have come true

In 2006, He made a highly precise prediction on Longbets that was correct. It was fulfilled when Dwave systems sold a 128 qubit system to Lockheed for $10 million in November, 2010

Prediction – There will be a quantum computer with over 100 qubits of processing capability sold either as a hardware system or whose use is made available as a commercial service by Dec 31, 2010