Brian Wang is a popular blogger with nearly 1 million readers per month on Nextbigfuture. He has written over 27,000 articles.

Nextbigfuture provides science-focused news that covers disruptive technologies and trends globally in industries including Space, Robotics, Self-driving Cars, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Blockchain, Medicine, Technology, Science, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, etc.

  • Ranked #1 “Science News Blog” worldwide by Alexa, an Amazon company.
  • Website traffic: Over 4 million readers per year
  • He has been cited by well-known author and businessman Peter Diamandis in Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think and by marketing guru Seth Godin
  • Cited in a 2016 US Marines study on Warfare in 2030
  • Four-time speaker at Singularity University
  • Invited to USC Space Design for Moon development discussions

Brian has written many thousands of articles on Space. Here are two recent samples:
An analysis of the changes in the operating margin of SpaceX rockets as they increase reusability of the first stage from 3 times to ten times.

The potential of the SpaceX Starlink satellite network to lower time lags between the top thirty cities in world finance.

Here is a general projection of high impact technology for the next ten years from 2018 to 2028.

Brian frequently interviews CEOs and executives of startups and larger corporations and well as leading scientists and technologists.

Christofer Mowry, CEO of General Fusion, remarked during his interview, “You were not exaggerating when you said you knew the nuclear industry”.

Here is a few of the General Fusion articles with interviews, tracking the latest funding and nuclear fusion project updates.

Suzanne Gildert, Erik Gatenholm and Skylar Tibbits have complimented Brian on the depth of knowledge he brought to their interviews, to the insightful questions and deep conversation. Suzanne Gildert is the CEO of Sanctuary AI which is making Synthetic Human like Robots. Erik Gatenholm is CEO of CellInk a 3D bioprinting company, Skylar Tibbits is Co-director of the Self-Assembly Laboratory at MIT.

Interview with Suzanne Gilder CEO of Sanctuary AI.
Interview with Erik Gatenholm, CEO of CellInk a 3D Bioprinting Company.
Here is the Skylar Tibbits interview.

Brian leverages his knowledge to provide useful context and to help highlight the important and exciting work and potential of technology companies.

He makes complex technical content relatable to the general public. He provides the story of why a company or research development is cool now and how they are or might become very important.

He provides context to how something fits into what is being made, what are the alternatives and what improves. He relates it to the appropriate examples of what has already happened.

He can from deep dives on oil and gas and different developments in fracking to a dozen molten salt nuclear projects to different antimatter propulsion or antimatter power to nuclear fusion triggering antimatter.

Brian has been the first to cover certain developments in quantum computing and many other technology areas. Over ten years ago, Brian was among the first science and technology sites to write in depth about thorium energy. He corresponded directly with Kirk Sorensen who revived interest in molten salt reactor work from the 1960s.


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