Techonomy – Moving from an Oil based to Bio-based Society

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Bio-based Society
Steen Riisgaard, Novozymes A/S
Joined by: Steve Jurvetson, Draper Fisher Jurvetson
Steen Riisgaard- A lot of the worlds products is based upon cheap oil. We need to replace oil at its low price but without its high cost.

Projection of $232 billion biofuel and bioproducts industry in 2020.
First we need to develop the sugar platform. Sugar produced with cheap processes and renewable sources. Biofuels are the volume driver to enable other products.
90% of oil is burned and 10% is used for chemicals.
Brazil wants to export 10% of world oil demand using biofuel

Jurvetson talking about reinventing life

rapid growth in genes sequenced.
we are bags of microbe 90% by cell count and 99% by dna.
90% of the genes that have been sequenced have been sequenced in the last 12 months. The data continues to proceed. We sequenced the whole ecosystem and do not know which organisms they were.

Biotech 2.0 where the DNA code comes alive.

Ecoloroid (snap shot of the ecoli’s DNA

George church has proven he can create 4 billion genetic mutations per day.
Using genetic harvesting- cripple a microbe so that only the one molecular pathway of interest is left. then by selectively choosing the most productive of each generation over 1000 generations (elapsed time 2 months) achieved 20,000 times improvement. Human design only achieved 5 times improvement.

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