Stephen Hawking Repeats Assertion that Time Travel and negative energy density are possible and Dr. Richard Mallet Plans a Light Enabled Time Machine

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Stephen Hawking repeated his assertion that time travel should be possible.

Quantum Theory allows the energy density to be negative in some places, provided it is positive in others. The reason Quantum Theory can allow the energy density to be negative, is that it is based on the Uncertainty Principle.

Wikipedia on time travel

Hawking has a lecture online about space and tie warps

Dr. Ron Mallett, professor of physics at University of Connecticut, has been obsessed with building a time travel machine.

After reading H.G. Wells’ novel The Time Machine, Mr. Mallett became focused on one goal: to build a time machine so he could go back in time to see his father again and warn him about his impending heart attack. From that point on, Mr. Mallett embarked on an education and career in physics that would hopefully bring him closer to reaching his goal. Mr. Mallett has developed a time travel theory using light. In layman’s terms — if light can create gravity, and gravity can affect time, then light can affect time. He hopes to prove this theory in the lab by using laser lights and reflective mirrors. The Penn State Electro Optic Center located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is collaborating with Mr. Mallett to test the first part of his theory — the gravitational affect of light.

Gravitational Faraday Effect Produced by a Ring Laser (11 page pdf)

Using the linearized Einstein gravitational field equations and the Maxwell field equations it is shown that the plane of polarization of an electromagnetic wave is rotated by the gravitational field created by the electromagnetic radiation of a ring laser. It is further shown that this gravitational Faraday effect shares many of the properties of the standard electromagnetic Faraday effect. An experimental arrangement is then suggested for the observation of this gravitational Faraday effect induced by the ring laser.

Spike Lee is developing a movie (Time Traveler) based on Richard Mallet which is currently planned be released in 2013

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