If Rossi and Focardi can Deliver

The Rossi and Focardi energy catalyzer is based on the Nickel-64 hydrogen reaction.

A recent theory for cold fusion is that deuteron stripping reactions (1935 discovery by Oppenheimer) are occurring with Nickel-64 isotope. This would produce 8 MeV for each reaction for the 1% of the nickel that is nickel-64. 80,000 eV for each atom of nickel. 1250 times more energy density by weight than any chemical reaction.

The Widom Larson theory was reviewed at nextbigfuture.

Rossi has claimed that they will make a one megawatt power plant by the end of this year and a 300,000 unit a year manufacturing plant in Xanthi will follow in 2012-2013. Assuming those are the smaller units which need 300 for each MW, then they would have a 1 gigawatt/year plant. A 1 gigawatt/year plant could not have any reliability issues that have plagued prior LENR work. If they are real then there would be fairly rapid scaling up from the 1 gigawatt/year plants. There would be major energy delivery impact by 2015-2017.

Lewis G. Larsen developed a theory of LENRs (WLT) that explains ALL the evidence and along with Dr. Alan Widom published their theory in Eur. Phys. J. C (2006)

• WLT is the 1st theory to not require “New Physics”.
• It relies on the Weak Nuclear force which:
* Produces a neutron via electron capture
* Does not have a Coulomb barrier to overcome
• The theory combines QED, Condensed Matter, Nuclear, and Plasma Physics

LENR (low energy nuclear reactions) IS NOT “COLD FUSION”

New Aviation Missions with Successful LENR

All transportation and energy would be hugely impacted. Planes, cars, space travel, world economic growth and everything else.

• Increase in capability results in new applications

Mini -Micro -Nano air vehicles
• Sensor swarms/meshes
• Package delivery
• Huge implications for ATC

Personal Air Vehicles
• Performance equates to increased safety
• Performance fully enables true point-to-point
• Greatly extended range (Local -> Global!)
• Huge implications for ATC

• Unlimited loiter
• Enhanced mobility with a reduction of supply logistics
• Horizontal take-off access to orbit

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