Krivit believes Rossi is a Fraud but believes there is legitimate underlying science and Sterling D. Allan with Hank Mills rebut the fraud assertion

1. Steven Krivit at New Energy Times has written another two articles where he asserts that Rossi and his energy catalyzer are a fraud.

Energy Catalzyer: Extraordinary Scams Require Extraordinary Claims

I [Steven Krivit] don’t doubt the legitimacy of the underlying science — apparently copied from biophysicist Francesco Piantelli — which has been published in peer-reviewed journals. But I do doubt the extraordinary magnitude of Rossi’s claim. And I certainly have very low confidence in the one and only paper that Rossi published with his associate Sergio Focardi. They self-published their paper on Rossi’s blog, which Rossi calls Journal of Nuclear Physics.

Noble Aspirations Are Not Enough

2. Sterling D. Allan with Hank Mills at PESN disagree and rebut the fraud assertions.

Scam? I [Sterling D. Allan] think that is 99% improbable.

Part of that is because I am privy to some confidential information about an independent validation by a very credible institution that starts with an N.

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