Thinner wire substrate for higher current density next generation accelerators and high field magnets

Superpower Inc (a subsidiary of Furukawa Electric Company) announcee the addition of a 30 micron substrate thickness option to our standard offerings of 50 and 100 micron substrate second-generation (2G) high temperature superconducting (HTS) wires. The new geometry will help customers who need additional current density from thinner wires. The 50 and 100 micron substrates have already been half or less the thickness of our competitors’ wires, offering an enormous advantage for coil configurations. The 30 micron option will give an even greater benefit in current density that leads to smaller size and lower weight of devices.

The 33% reduction in conductor profile in combination with much better mechanical properties, will contribute to an increase of as high as 50% to our extremely current dense, flexible cable. This will be used devices such as the next generation of accelerators and high-field scientific magnets.

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