Russia will start mass production amphibious bomber hovercraft drones in 2016 and they will be used at Arctic done base 400 miles from Alaska

Russian will create a 2-ton flying / amphibious bomber hovercraft drone. The 750-kilogram Chirok drone designed by the United Engineering Corporation is used as a prototype for the new machine.

Russia’s Ministry of Defence announced construction of an arctic drone base late last year, around 400 miles off the Alaskan coast.

Alexandr Gordeev explained the arcic base will be stationed around the Russian town of Anadyr, considered the administrative centre of the country’s eastern-most region of Chukotka and currently recruitment is underway for experienced personnel to be sent there.

Anadyr Russia

The military will be able to use the UAV for reconnaissance and as a percussion device. After the improvements he can rise to the height of six thousand. M and carry bombs, missiles and precision bombs. Tass is reporting mass production will start in 2016.

Theoretical studies of the components have been implemented. It uses the same technology, but the large apparatus must surpass its “little” counterpart with regards to a number of characteristics. According to TASS, the development initiative project is ready to be implemented.

The drone can carry up to 300 kilograms (661 lbs) of cargo, has a wingspan of 10 metres (32 ft) and can rise to an altitude of 6,000 metres (19,685 ft) and travel a distance up to 2,500 kilometres (1553 miles). It also possesses the ability fo carry various optical and electronic gear for monitoring purposes, in addition to high-precision weaponry.

Chirok aircraft-hovercraft is made exclusively of composite materials, while the fabric of its air cushion was developed in Russia and is patented by the Rostec Corporation. The air cushion is fully retractable in flight mode. Information about the Chirok’s propulsion system is classified.

With a payload of 300 kilograms, Chirok will be capable of carrying 2-3 passengers with luggage or take aboard inspection or surveillance equipment, as well as operate as an assault drone.

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