Star Trek Renegades episode available and other Star Trek TV and online possibilities

Director Tim Russ and writer Ethan H Calk are both from the world of ”Star Trek” – trekkies know Russ as wise Vulcan Tuvok from the ”Voyager” and ”TNG” series, and Calk was a writer on ”Deep Space Nine” – but this low budget curiosity isn’t exactly canon.

The story of ”Star Trek: Renegades” : Admiral Starfleet Intelligence, Chekov (Walter Koenig) [head of Starfleet Intelligence] is tasked with tracking down an alien race destroying the worlds that supply critical supplies of dilithium thanks to a wormhole-like portal system.

The starship battles in space are were as good as the regular TV series.

Dialogue, story and editing could be improved.

They had to setup a lot of new characters and reintroduce old ones and tried to have a double TV episode worth of action.

Renegades will continue as an independently produced fan-supported Internet TV Series!

The current film will be denoted as Episode 1 (the pilot) and they are actively writing Episodes 2 and 3. Walter Koenig has agreed to reprise Admiral Chekov in this two-part episode, with Episode 2 ending with a cliffhanger, and Walter has decided that Episode 3 will be his final performance as Chekov.

Paramount has two different TV show pitches to choose from:

* a proposed “Captain Worf” show by Trek veteran Michael Dorn. Captain Worf would, naturally, continue many of the plotlines of TNG and DS9, with plenty of guest stars from previous shows.

* Star Trek: Uncharted, a fan creation.

A mysterious signal is received from the Andromeda Galaxy, claiming to be from the creators of life in the Milky Way, and inviting us to come meet them. A new “space folding” technology developed– a Hyperwarp Gate constructed to warp jump 2.5 million light years to the Andromeda Galaxy.

Star Trek Uncharted is set 200 years after the time of Captain Kirk and the original Enterprise. So basically it is Star Trek Generations after Next Generation.

Star Trek Uncharted – The Galactic War

Behind a veil of secrecy and isolation, The Romulan Empire’s military might grew to unsuspected levels and, emboldened by their enemies’ infighting and weaknesses, the Empire became aggressive and expanded rapidly, claiming Federation and Klingon territories as their own. Smaller, less powerful neighbors of the Romulans fell quickly and some other civilizations quickly joined them as allies in an attempt to capitalize on the power and ambition of the Romulan Empire.

The war begun by the Romulan Empire quickly spread and ignited many other regional wars as longstanding conflicts and tension broke into open aggression once given the excuse of a larger war. Many of these smaller wars involved civilizations who allied themselves with the Romulan Empire in name only, simply as an excuse for aggression.

This conflict quickly escalated into what became known as the Galactic War. Nearly every known star system was involved to some degree and every major civilization chose sides. The war lasted 10 long years and there was great devastation throughout the Galaxy. Some civilizations were wiped out entirely.

Ultimately, though, the Romulan Empire made too many enemies and its allies were too quick to abandon it when the tide of the war turned after the Klingons joined the War against them. The once-impervious Romulan Empire was defeated and it collapsed quickly and spectacularly. Its home planet was devastated and its people fled throughout the galaxy in fear of reprisals.

The Galactic Federation

With the unification of all of the major worlds in the battle against the Romulan Empire and its allies, the United Federation of Planets now encompasses most of the explored Galaxy and nearly every major civilization is a member. There are 1,000 member planets. This new Federation is called the “Galactic Federation”.

There would be a lot of exoskeletal armor, android and cybernetics and a more advanced transhumanist technology.

* Paramount invited Uncharted’s writer Michael Gummelt to pitch the show in a summer meeting.

Renegades will continue to produce more online episodes.

Star Trek Axanar will release their digital episode and will produce more shows. Star Trek Axanar has better effects than Renegades and has a pacing in their story that seems more consistent with prior Trek TV shows.

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