The Future of Work: Meeting the demands of digital – C2 Montreal

C2 Montreal has a workshop on “the Future of Work: Meeting the Demands of Digital”. The Workshop is with

Ian Phillipot, VP Box Canada
David Majetic

There were several exercises to start.
1. One person creating an object with toothpicks and styrofoam peanuts – two people describing them to another two people to recreate it.

2. brainstorm on problems on online collaboration and content management

Box Canada is using Cloud Content Management to re-imagine the customer onboarding experience.

More content plays are requiring on demand services. Other solutions in the mix:

Box is integrating with many solution partners

Salesforce Integration with Box — Pre-built with Box SaaS solution
DocuSign — pre-built with Box’s SaaS application
Adobe — a pre-built integration with Box Edit
Twilio — Stamplay connector for SMS messaging
DocParser — Stamplay connector for PDF document parsing/OCR
Custom Web App — Using the Box App User authentication model

Box view of work process challenges

Every part of the organization is challenged

Employees expect a digital workplace
Businesses need to evolve in the digital age
Cyber threats and regulation are constantly changing
IT is mired in support of legacy systems

The Netflix interface has increased the expectations on corporate IT to create better software interfaces.

GDPR is the regulatory change challenge for this month but new things are coming down the line all the time.

Technology like the Box cloud can help with change management.

Technology and culture are inextricably linked.

Company needs to be digital from front to back.

Show your technical stack and I can tell you your corporate culture.
Is the company using Slack or other tools?

Box wants to use best of breed partners.
Box wants to be ecosystem friendly.

Have security woven into the fabric of the applications and platform.

The decisions you make will not only impact the bottom line, they will shape your conpany’s culture for years down the road.