June 27, 2007

2007 World Wealth Report

The number of HNWIs in the world increased 8.3 percent in 2006 to 9.5 million and the number of ultra high net worth individuals (Ultra-HNWIs2) grew by 11.3 percent to 94,970.

HNWI financial wealth is expected to reach US$51.6 trillion by 2011, growing at an annual rate of 6.8%.

USA has 2.92 million HNWI ($1 million in liquid assets)
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200620052004Wealth Amount
532US$30B+ Forbes list (which mainly catches owners
674932US$10B+ of public assets, can underestimate some
167124102US$5B+ like CTO of Cisco, who may be billionaire
946793691US$1B+ from cisco stock + large startup positions)
940082007500US$160M+ (my own estimate)
95,0008540077500US$30M+ (UHNW, ultra high net worth class)
(e)930,000820000745000US$5 to 30M
8.6M 7.8M7.4M US$1-5M Global number, US number 33% (2.6 million)
9.5M 8.7M8.2MUS$1M+ Global number, US number 33% ( 2.6 million)
~26M~24M~22MUS$500K-1M doesn't include primary residence, (estimate)

For the 5 million net worth level, estimates for household net worth at this level or higher is about 1.14 million (Spectrem) in the US alone. So about 3 million worldwide.

Global direct real estate transaction volumes reached US$682 billion in 2006, up 38 percent from 2005.

Sources of wealth for the rich and how much money it takes to be rich

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